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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pod'ing university-level disciplines

The Teaching Company - University-level disciplines on tape!
The Modern Scholar - Great Professors Teaching You!

This is excellent material. It is carefully worded to fit the listener, spoken in by the stars of the educating world. It seems TTC has 100-150 of these tapes, TMS about 50; I guess I will take the thirty or fouthy most interesting. What I like about “poding” is that it takes so little to do it. It is an art, however, to create tapes that have the right complexity, structure and amount of information. This is where these companies shows excellence.
Happy self-teaching.

My progress:
TTC “Modern physics for non-scientists” - 21/21
TTC "Economics" - 20/20
TTC "Business Statistics" - 4/16
TTC Some Philosophy course - 5/20
TMS "Principles of Economics..." - 3/14

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